DF NYC welcomes High on Fire, Amenra, Primitive Man, Blackwater Holylight, Spaceslug + more for 2024 edition

Joining our 4th edition this September, we are thrilled to welcome HIGH ON FIRE, AMENRA, PRIMITIVE MAN, BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT, SPACESLUG & SPIRIT MOTHER to perform at the Knockdown Center plus...

Desertfest NYC reveals its second line-up announcement, welcoming the mighty HIGH ON FIRE back into the fold for 2024. Festival booker Sarika Rice shared the following After hearing High on Fire’s latest record, Cometh the Storm and receiving the intel they were on the road around Desertfest NYC, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have them again. Now, we wouldn’t normally repeat an artist booking so soon, but if there’s two things that fit together better than PB&J, Hall & Oates or Sabbath & Sativa… you best believe that’s Matt Pike and Desertfest. Plus, that new record is too damn good to not want to witness live!” HIGH ON FIRE have been rewriting the hard rock rule book since their formation in 1998 and if you missed them in 2022 – now’s your chance to rectify that!

The festival also announces that Belgium heavyweights AMENRA will bring their sonic ritual to attendees. One of the most unique and unforgettable live music experiences, AMENRA’s post-metal atmospheric-doom is an audio-visual journey unlike anything ever witnessed at Desertfest NYC. To miss this performance would be nothing short of blasphemy as the doors to the Church of Ra are opened.

Continuing down the path of crushing live performances, Colorado’s PRIMITIVE MAN joins the bill to devastate the Knockdown Center with a misanthropic slab of nihilistic extremity –not a band to be taken lightly in any manner. BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT will bring their Californian flare on the term ‘heavy’, weaving an immersive tapestry of riffs that flow into a hypnotic pattern still striking a chord in the world of doom.

Making another hefty journey over the pond are Poland’s SPACESLUG, a trio blending space rock, stoner and heavy psychedelia as they effortlessly navigate the multi-verse and are undoubtedly going to be one of the most special performances at this year’s Desertfest NYC.

Also performing over the weekend, SPIRIT MOTHER will haunt their way into the hearts of festival goers. With folk and classical music backgrounds, their dynamic sound moves seamlessly across genres from grunge to desert rock, sounding well beyond their years.

Desertfest is also thrilled to announce the pre-party line-up, brought to you by Tee Pee Records, the sold-out event will see the ultimate super-group LEGIONS OF DOOM (ft members of The Skull, Corrosion of Conformity, Saint Vitus) give a true lesson in the meaning of HEAVY! Prepare to be taken to doom school 101. They’ll be joined by the triumphant return of rockers SATAN’S SATYRS plus local heroes MIRROR QUEENand MUSTAFINA.

With day splits/tickets on sale in July and a handful more artists still to announce, Desertfest NYC is once again shaping up to be the premier East Coast heavy music destination, bringing a huge array of artists from overseas in an ever-challenging market.


Full line-up
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